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What You’ll Learn With The Portrait Photography Membership

Feeling lost in the world of camera settings? Struggling to find the perfect light for sharp, clean portraits? Don’t worry! I’ve been there too! Let me help you!

Gone are the days of bad lighting in your portraits!

You’ll learn all my secret formulas for finding amazing natural light in various locations across different genres of portrait photography. It’s one of the 3 fundamental elements that form the aesthetic of my portraits! You’ll be putting away your strobes and reflectors for your outdoor portraits and learning to see the light like you’ve never done before! Achieve consistent lighting patterns and know where to find great light in multiple locations or scenarios every time. You’ll become a Master of Light!

Bad Light Then, Perfect Light Now!
Learn "Fine-Art" Portrait Editing

Don’t Know Where To Start With Editing? Tap into a world of creativity!

After perfecting your lighting, styling, and location-scouting abilities, it’s time to focus on the editing process. With my simple Lightroom and Photoshop techniques, you’ll gain the artistic skills needed to create incredible results. My post-production secrets will guide you through the process, ensuring awesome results without relying on presets and overlays! As a bonus, I include free raw practice files and actions to get you started. You’ll learn to edit creatively!

Not Confident With Your Camera?

One of the most common anxieties that photographers experience during portrait sessions is the fear of getting the settings wrong and missing the perfect shot. But fear not, as I’m here to help you! It doesn’t matter whether you use Canon, Nikon, Sony, or any other brand, as I’ll teach you my systematic approach to settings, which will help you better understand ISO, apertures, and shutter speeds. In my tutorials, I use various camera systems to demonstrate that my style of portraits can be captured with any camera. You’ll learn to be confident behind the camera, allowing you to focus on engaging with your subject, setting the scene, and creating art that transcends the camera and post-processing. Master your camera with confidence!

Master Camera Settings Easily!
Family, Wedding, Maternity, Children Photographers! This is for you!

Master the Common Portrait Genres

As a full-time portrait photographer, you’ll likely come across the most popular genres, such as Weddings, Maternity, Newborns, Children, and Families. By mastering any of these genres, you can build a highly successful portrait photography business with a six-figure income. As a full-time photographer of very successful portrait studio, I share my knowledge and experience across all these genres through real clients, real locations, and real experiences for you to learn from.

Start Growing a Six-Figure Portrait Photography Business

Learning how to create unique portraits with an artistic touch will separate you from the competition and create a HUGE demand for your portraits. Learn to get your images in front of potential clients and understand what it takes to create a successful Portrait Photography business that you will love! Fun fact: I have been operating a successful portrait photography studio for 10 years in a non-English speaking country, despite not being able to understand the language. When you are passionate about your work and convey that enthusiasm through your images, it becomes a powerful driving force that transcends any language barrier. So, if I can do it, you can too! Shoot, create, and captivate!

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Investing in yourself to acquire knowledge increases in value over time, unlike purchasing new cameras and lenses, which only depreciate in value over time.


Wanna see where I started? This is a then and now. I know what it takes to produce images clients love and now it’s your turn to learn! Let me help you achieve portraits that stand out! Be INSPIRED, CONFIDENT AND MOTIVATED!


All-inclusive Instant Access, cancel anytime, no extra fees.

Hey there! It’s me, Daniel, the main photographer, alongside my daughter Amy, often the star of my portraits, and my awesome wife and assistant, Eva. We’re like the three musketeers, a tight-knit family sharing our photographic journey. Say hi to us on social media; we’d love to connect!

What's inside My Photography Training Academy?

My Training Academy is a photography membership that provides portrait photography tutorials,  and other resources to help inspire, motivate and empower you to become a skilled portrait photographer all in one convenient place with a single educator! When you sign up for a portrait photography membership, you get instant access to a library of photography tutorials and resources, including:

Instant access to hundreds of hours of video tutorials where I teach you every step of my shoot and edit process in detail!

All my Photoshop actions and Raw practice files to help you follow along at a leisurely pace designed for all levels of experience

New tutorials are added each month in various categories!

Access to all few years content as well as all new releases during your membership

My Photography Training Academy is an excellent resource for photographers of all experience levels.
Whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned pro, the Academy has something to offer you. Whether you photograph Weddings, Families, children, maternity, or newborns I’ve got you covered

What Other Student Photographers Are Saying…

Lori Barrett

I cannot speak highly enough of Daniel’s videos. I do consider myself an experienced photographer, but Daniel’s videos are teaching me things I did not know or consider as another option. He is very helpful if you have any questions. His video’s are easy to follow and not only show you how to shoot and edit, but also the why’s. If you are on the fence about subscribing to the yearly pass, jump off the fence and click the purchase button.


David Momak

The Image sharpness of Dan’s work has always had an appeal! The simplistic approach in teach, compositions in natural light and simple post-production of each capture sets his workflow apart from the rest. Cheers!


Jeff Carson

If you’re looking to step up your photography game, this is a great place to do so. I love the great detail into which he goes concerning lighting considerations and subject placement. His Post Process is methodical and straightforward, well-explained and comprehensive. Glad I’ve subscribed to the full year’s worth of tutorials


Other photographers then and now Images!

Gábor Wébel Photography recently joined the membership and shared his then-and-now results!

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Key Skills That You’ll Develop

When you sign up for the photography course membership, you will learn how I take unique portraits that can easily be recognised. Not only will you learn from my skills and experience you’ll also learn how to develop your portrait photography style and even niche. With a photography course membership, you’ll develop the following:

Skills to find and create perfect light that will make your portraits stand out from the crowd

A sense of creativity without relying on hundreds of overlays and actions

Level up your camera skills with confidence so you can focus on the creative

Ability to master various portrait genres learning from one educator

The know-how to create stunning portraits regardless of camera gear!

Whatever level you’re at, transform your portrait photography with a photography tutorial membership and start taking the portrait photos you won’t believe you’re capable of. Whether you’re starting a photography business or simply want to take better family photos, photography course membership delivers the skills training to elevate what you can do with even the most basic photography equipment.

What Does That Mean for You?

Stand out from the competition by producing unique portraits that create that wow factor!

Start creating a real business in portrait photography, so it’s no longer a simple side hustle or pipe dream!

Skip past the trial and error phase to focus on creativity!

If you’re a photography enthusiast, you know that getting the perfect shot takes more than just point-and-shoot. To truly capture the essence of your subject, you need to be knowledgeable in the art of photography. This is where a photography membership can come in.

Whether you’re interested in shooting weddings, families, maternity, newborns, or children, a photography membership means access to the knowledge that can help transform your photography skills.

Learn on the go with access to photography membership tutorials from ANY device!

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