Photo Education By Daniel

I’m Daniel Venter, a full-time photographer, and educator who is passionate about unlocking the potential of aspiring portrait photographers in one convenient place. My transformational online photography classes are tailored to meet your needs and help you unleash your creativity in portrait photography.


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Online Photography Courses

Find your style behind the camera, not behind the computer. From photography 1:1 classes, and learning the fundamentals to my hugely popular Membership, choose the courses to match your level and your ambition.

Photography Workshops

Benefit from my years of experience with my easy-to-follow, highly detailed tutorials. Let me share my passion with you and help you become the creative photographer you’ve always wanted to be!

Photoshop Actions

The best photos are the ones that have been taken correctly in the first place, but photoshop can be a fantastic tool. No online photography training is complete without some classes in Photoshop.

Photography Fundamentals

Essential learning for anyone new to portrait photography! My online photography classes cover the basics in an easy-to-follow video format that will give you the solid foundation you need.

Technical Basics

These digital photography classes give you a foundation of the technical aspects of portrait photography. They are developed for all levels of experience but focus on the basics that beginners can easily grasp.

1:1 Online Classes

My online photography classes are the perfect learning experience for people who enjoy one-to-one training. These classes can be tailored to cover any aspect of the art and business of photography.

Not sure which online photography training is best for you?

Get in touch and Daniel will help make sure that you choose the online photography classes that best match your level of experience.

Best Sellers

What You’ll Learn

Ready to unlock the secrets of shooting and editing portraits that define your unique brand and style? As a portrait photographer myself, I know that we need to have a range of skills to succeed. That’s why my training covers everything from the basics to focused workshops, drawing on my years of experience across various portrait genres.

Not only will you learn how to take and edit amazing photos, but you’ll also gain essential business skills to take your photography game to the next level. Let’s start creating some genuinely breathtaking portraits together!

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Sharp Images

Your Opportunities

When signing up to the membership, you’ll gain immediate access to all the facts and insights you need to start creating better portraits right away. I’ll teach you to see portrait photography from an artistic point of view, paying attention to all the details that will make your photos stand out. And from day one, you’ll have everything you need to take better portraits with perfect colors and composition. No more struggling with tough lighting conditions or camera settings – I’ll show you how to handle them like a pro. And as you level up your creative vision, you’ll be able to stand out in a competitive market with confidence.

How I Teach

Benefit from my years of experience as a full-time wedding and portrait photographer. There are so many challenges that we are faced with when shooting portraits and I understand the types of frustrations you have to deal with during sessions! E.g “Why can’t I get everyone in focus when shooting wide apertures”, “The light is terrible in this location and I can’t get my skin tones looking good” or “I get lost and anxious with ISO’s, Apertures and Shutterspeeds”.

Whether you’re completely new to portrait photography or you’re looking for online photography classes to improve your skills, I have the training courses to suit you.

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About Daniel

Hey there! I’m Daniel, a passionate portrait photographer and educator who’s determined to uplift and motivate fellow photographers worldwide. My goal is simple: to empower you to become the best photographer you can be!

Ever since I began my professional photography journey back in 2013, I’ve poured countless hours into honing my craft, pushing boundaries, and falling head over heels for the art of capturing Portraits. So if there’s anyone who knows what it’s like to grow 2 full-time photography businesses, you’re looking at him!

As a full-time photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of people from couples tying the knot to growing families, expectant mothers, adorable newborns, and everything in between. And now, I’m thrilled to share my hard-earned knowledge with you through my carefully crafted online photography classes that promise to transform your skills and techniques.

I’ll teach you everything you need to know about portrait photography and post-production skills in a way that’s easy to understand and put into practice. My aim is to help you see the world through a professional photographer’s eyes, so you too can create award-winning shots that capture the essence of any moment.

So, whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting, join me on this exciting journey to explore the beauty of portrait photography together!