How to create a Collage of images using Adobe Express IT

Did you know that if you’ve signed up for any of Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions you have access to an online Web App from Adobe called Express It! It gives you the ability to easily create a collage of images!

You have the ability to create content for different platforms ranging from Instagram Stories, Facebook posts all the way through to Youtube thumbnails as you can see in the image below.

Express it offer several Templates you can choose from or you can easily create your own content based on the several resources they offer! The only limit is your creativity 🙂 It’s like Canva but free to users of the Creative Cloud services!

How to easily create a collage of images
The interface of Express It

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how I create a collage of my images in easy steps! So if you’re looking at how to create a collage this is what you’re looking for!

How to create a collage using Adobe Express It
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